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Charlotte Cornish ARE

Desmond Healy ARE

David Robertson ARE

Emma Lawrenson ARE

Ian Rawlinson ARE

Kate MacDonagh ARE

Kit Boyd ARE

Vanessa Lubach ARE



Applications for the election of new Associate Members for 2025 will open in the autumn.




"Joining the RE has had a fantastic impact on my printmaking practice. The society is a friendly and knowledgeable community of printmakers working at the highest level. I have found discussing creative ideas and technical know-how with other members invaluable.  

Since joining, I’ve also enjoyed taking part in opportunities to introduce and engage the public with the world of printmaking. I’ve given talks, presentations and demonstrations of my work, and I’ve run a number of practical workshops."  

BEN HENDY ARE (joined the RE in 2018) 



“Becoming a Member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers is a validation by fellow practitioners elected to the RE Council of your accomplishment, singularity and commitment to ongoing creativity and processes within the infinite world of printmaking. 

It is a wonderful signpost of one’s practice, time-honoured and a mark of distinction. Your name and the title of your chosen ‘RE Diploma Print’ are entered in a Roll-Book whose entries arch back to 1880. 

This Society is a happening place where past, present and future aspirations intertwine: exhibitions, fairs, talks, demonstrations, camaraderie, friendships, discussing the aches and ecstasies of creativity with like-minded Members; each marvels and a joy, enriching one’s self and practice’.

EDWARD TWOHIG RE Hon. Curator (joined the RE in 2016)



The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE) was formed in 1880 to seek recognition for the value of printmaking as artwork in its own right. To this day it continues to promote original printmaking in all its forms, widen the knowledge and understanding of printmaking as a process, whilst also providing its members with artistic opportunities.


The Society shares its home at Bankside Gallery, in London, with the Royal Watercolour Society in an association that has lasted more than a hundred years. Each year Members are invited to submit two works for inclusion in the Society’s major annual exhibition at Bankside Gallery and there are a number of opportunities to show in joint exhibitions at Bankside Gallery and elsewhere.


Demonstrations and lectures are held as part of the education programme accompanying exhibitions, fulfilling the Society’s status as an educational charity. The RE is run by its Members, all of whom are expected to take an active role in furthering the interests of the Society.


Since 1911, full fellows of the Society have been entitled to use the post-nominals ‘RE’. Newly elected Members, being Associate Members, are entitled to use ‘ARE’ after their name.