WORK SEND-IN: Friday 28 February 2020, 11am - 7pm

RESULTS & WORK COLLECTION: Sunday 1 and Monday 2 March 2020, 11am - 6pm


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Why join the RE?

"Being an RE Member has given me the opportunity to be part of lots of exhibitions, and to have discussions about my own and others work. Opportunities in various countries, including a trip to Russia. Friendship and a wide body of knowledge to feed into and to use. Confidence and a sort of feeling of safety. Good advice and friendly help when necessary from professional people."  SANDY SYKES RE (joined the RE in 1985)

"Working in the medium of printmaking is largely an individual pursuit but when involved in a society such as the RE you feel part of a group of like minded people, all pressing forward and exchanging advice and insights on the way.


You never stop learning as a printmaker and the RE is a place where you can share ideas and techniques in a collegiate and informal manner, if has spurred me on throughout my years of membership, raising my game" JOHN DUFFIN RE (joined the RE in 1995)

The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE) was formed in 1880 to seek recognition for the value of printmaking as artwork in its own right. To this day it continues to promote original printmaking in all its forms, widen the knowledge and understanding of printmaking as a process, whilst also providing its members with artistic opportunities.

The Society shares its home at Bankside Gallery, in London, with the Royal Watercolour Society in an association that has lasted more than a hundred years. Each year Members are invited to submit two works for inclusion in the Society’s major annual exhibition at Bankside Gallery and there are a number of opportunities to show in joint exhibitions at Bankside Gallery and elsewhere.

Demonstrations and lectures are held as part of the education programme accompanying exhibitions, fulfilling the Society’s status as an educational charity. The RE is run by its Members, all of whom are expected to take an active role in furthering the interests of the Society.

Being awarded RE Membership is comparable to a degree from a college or university, as the Royal Charter entitles the RE to award letters and diplomas to those who, in its opinion, by peer review and election, are outstanding in the field of making their own prints. Since 1911, full fellows of the Society have been entitled to use the post-nominals ‘RE’. Newly elected Members, being Associate Members, are entitled to use ‘ARE’ after their name.