Denise Ballard Wyllie ARE

Ballard Wyllie’s medative and sombre English landscape prints have now burst into colourful flowerings. She makes five of each edition, varying the hand drawn print stencils for different moods. Wyllie is mesmerised by nature’s unrestrained abundance.


Wyllie’s focus is consistently landscape printmaking with forays into projects such as a monumental Science-Art project, a 2 year residency at a Cancer Research UK laboratory culminating in several artworks including a 42 meter screenprinted science research (DNA) artwork that hangs in The Royal Mint, and a 20m piece in which she championed cancer advocacy groups in the USA and UK.

Ballard Wyllie has project-managed and led mixed-funded urban outreach with multi-ethnic/ multi-religions groups in London, taught in print workshops, computer graphics studios and lectured in art history, photography and life drawing.


Wyllie has an Hons degree from Kingston School of Art and 4 impressive postgraduate printmaking qualifications; Brighton College of Art etching and screenprinting with Terence Gravett, Central School of Art with Norman Ackroyd & David Gluck specialising in etching and screenprinting, a Masters at Wimbledon School of Art specialising in screenprinting. She went on to do screenprintmaking and lithography Research at The Slade School of Fine Art with Prof Barto Dos Santos & Stanley Jones.