Molly Brown Student Member

Molly’s work is inspired by botanical, cultural and ecological histories: mediaeval herbal records, the ancient relationship between humans and plants. She uses observations of plant life for exploring both utopian imaginings - celebrations of a joyful sense of belonging - and anxious thoughts about the results of an increasing sense of separation. The images float between observation and imagination: scenes full of weathering, undergrowth and strange, intimate plant-minded labours. The plants and people belong in a moving set of natural processes reflecting her interest in ecological ways of thinking which, like printmaking, require a step into alternative ways of seeing, imagining and making the world.


Drawing outside is the foundation for her work and increasingly, drawing directly on the plate and during the etching process. Using an exploratory printmaking process, she applies caustic soda to etch traditional lino then works into the plate with carving tools, wire brushes and needles. This breaks up the surface resulting in varied printed marks and imagery that is unsettled, playful and full of dappled movement.


Molly worked for ten years in sustainable agriculture and food growing before turning to creative work full time in 2018 and this brings a strong interest in ecology and plant sciences to her printmaking. Her studio is the old tractor workshop on a farm on the Welsh Borders; where she will be offering open access, printmaking retreats and teaching courses.

In addition to printmaking she works on a 7 acre agroforestry test plot and a smallholding along with her partner. They set this up for data collection on carbon sequestration, biodiversity and food production and much of her artistic inspiration comes from these land based growing activities.


Molly was a director of Aberystwyth Printmakers for 4 years and helped run the open access printmaking facilities, organise and teach courses.