An impression printed from a reprintable block, such as a lino block or etching plate, but printed in such a way that only one of its kind exists, e.g. a printed image incorporating unique hand colouring or collage or monotype.



This is a one-off print, a unique impression printed off card, glass, perspex, metal or any other flat surface; it cannot be repeated in identical form as it is not made from a block or other semi-permanent printing matrix.


Typically, the artist makes a drawing in printing ink onto a Perspex, metal or card plate. When the drawing is complete and before the ink has time to dry, he/she lays a sheet of paper on top of the wet ink and transfers image from plate to paper via a printing press or by rubbing the back of the paper with a spoon. Monotypes allow the artist to work in a very spontaneous, direct manner and often have a painterly look.