Ashleigh Thompson ARE

I am a muiti-discipline painter-printmaker working mostly in intaglio etching, mono-print and wood engraving. I also use techniques such as screen-printing, lino-cut and most enjoy exploring the boundaries of al of all these techniques. I have a love for wabi sabi and was greatly inspired by a workshop in Traditional Japanese Ukiyoe woodblock carving and printing workshop I completed with Master Motoharo Asaka in 2016.


I aim to produce work that intrigues; monochrome works on paper on both a large and small scale as well as prints. My work attempts to encourage the viewer to question the work’s materiality and methodologies. Drawing on the micro and macro such as representations of infinite space, cross sections of bone, natural surfaces and optical processes. Through the creation of complex, grainy surfaces I intend to create open works that immerse the viewer and allow the viewer to draw on their own thoughts and personal experiences. 

In my current on-going series Fractured, 2017, the aim is to create an environment in which the immersive aspect of the work becomes more dominant. The striking contrasts and the strength of impact that can be achieved by using a monochrome palette is exaggerated in this work. Surrounded by the oil-based ink pieces on tissue paper, the dual reading of the abstract elements as positive or negative space becomes intensely apparent.