Serena Smith ARE

Serena works primarily with stone lithography to produce small editions of prints, and artist books. All works are drawn, printed, bound and published by herself. Technically informed by the historic uses of lithography in both commercial, and visual art contexts, she frequently combines digitally manipulated imagery, transferred information, autographic drawing, letterpress, and hand colouring. Outcomes from these processes, shaped by systematic constraints and serendipity, knowingly play with a lyrical ambiguity that exceeds the structures of communication. A concern with language, acts of inscription, and technology, that emanates from the stone lithography practice, is the focus for her ongoing doctoral research at Loughborough University.


Serena trained as a studio lithographer between 1985-97 at Curwen Studio. Following on from this she became part of the tutor team at Curwen Print Study Centre, which shifted the emphasis of her collaborative role from print production for professional artists, to working with artists and learners of all ages and levels of interest. In relocating, and joining the studio team at Leicester Print Workshop, this teaching role has continued.